A Christmas list for the Home Automation Guru in your life

Christmas is coming, and you may be looking for gifts to give that Home Automation Guru in your life. We’ve come a long way since this blog launched in May, so let’s round up some of the products we’ve covered (and will be covering in coming months) to give you some ideas.

First of all, even if you’re not buying a product listed here, you can support this blog by following (or bookmarking) this link: Shop Amazon and support Home Automation Guru. Amazon also has a dedicated Home Automation Store that has even more gift ideas!

Now, let’s take a look at some products we’ve covered:

What it is What it’s for / Related Posts
The central controller for the Insteon Home Automation System.

A simple plug-in module for lighting control.

Same as the ApplianceLinc, but for outdoor use. Great for Christmas lights and other holiday decorations.

An Insteon-controllable LED light bulb – control a light remotely, and save energy too: this 60-watt equivalent bulb uses only 8 watts.

Sometimes a dirt-cheap motion sensing night light is all you need to “automate” lights in a dark space.

Security cameras help protect your home and valuables – and can be integrated into home automation systems for even more power.

Your basic Insteon-controllable switch.

An 8-button switch to control up to 8 lights around your house from one place.

Motion Sensor that can be used to activate lights and other devices.

Monitor whole-house energy consumption, circuit by circuit.

Connect your thermostat to your Insteon system for great energy savings.

Detect when doors or windows (or mailboxes!) are opened.

Protect your data with a battery back-up system for your computer.

Detect and control things like garage doors and doorbells.

Robot Vacuum? Hell yes.

Keys are so 2013. Unlock your door wirelessly with a key fob, like you’ve been able to do so with your car since the 1900s.

Key fobs for unlocking doors are so 30 seconds ago. This device, coupled with the above, will allow you to unlock that door via your Insteon system.

Control lights couch-side with this tiny Insteon controller.

Control variable-speed ceiling fans and lights.

Get alerted wherever you are when smoke is detected.

Use Insteon-controlled outlets for a clean, integrated look

Got any other gift suggestions or topics you’d like to see covered in 2014? Let me know in the comments!

Posted by Matt Chiste
December 2
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