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Multi-bulb scene control via an Insteon KeypadLinc

Now that we’ve changed the wiring in our switch to leave the power to our ceiling lights always-on, we need a way to actually operate them. Because you’ve invested in these relatively expensive lights, you probably don’t just want all

Posted by Matt Chiste
September 22

Insteon-enabled your garage doors

We’ve controlled lights, checked our mail, connected our doorbell, and wired our smoke detectors, so let’s take a look at another device to connect to our Insteon system: the Insteon garage door control and status kit. Really, this device is

Posted by Matt Chiste
March 16

Laser-etched KeypadLinc Buttons

When we covered the KeypadLinc, we talked about how you could get a 50-pack of buttons with different text or use a 4-Color LED Color Change Kit to get different colored buttons. But, to truly give your 8-button Insteon KeypadLinc

Posted by Matt Chiste
July 12

Insteon KeypadLinc

Let’s continue to expand on our list of Insteon devices with the 8-button Insteon KeypadLinc, of which there is also a 6-button model. You install these guys just like you would a regular Insteon Switch, and while there is just

Posted by Matt Chiste
July 5
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