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Hide clutter in MobiLinc with a character prefix

Here’s a quick and simple tip for you MobiLinc users out there: regardless of how your ISY994i folder structure is set up, you likely have a bunch of devices, scenes, or programs that you just don’t want to show up

Posted by Matt Chiste
April 3

Insteon Hub Pro is indeed a piece of crap

Reader Matt Chroust was right in his guest-post I called Insteon HomeKit – Not Quite Ready For Prime Time – I was just wrong on giving it that title. The Insteon Hub Pro HomeKit-Enabled 2243-222 is such a big fat

Posted by Matt Chiste
February 3

MobiLinc adds Voice Control

MobiLinc, my current favorite iOS app for controlling Insteon systems, has recently added voice control. Until iOS allows access to Siri for easy application integration, the feature isn’t ideal since you need to start up the app and turn it

Posted by Matt Chiste
March 22

Create a personal domain name to access home systems

Your ISY-994i is set up, and now you want to be able to access it remotely over the internet with MobiLinc. By far the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is via MobiLinc Connect, a $30/year remote access

Posted by Matt Chiste
February 3

MobiLinc’s Awesome Geo-Fencing Feature

By now you’ve read quite a bit about MobiLinc’s Home Automation apps, but there’s a great, relatively new feature to MobiLinc that bears mentioning: Geo-Fence Awareness. A geo-fence allows you to define one or more perimeters around an area (in

Posted by Matt Chiste
October 4

MobiLinc: Control Your Insteon SmartHome from your iDevice or Android

When we kicked off this blog, I told a story about the Home Automation Salesman touting that “Crestron was the Neiman Marcus of Home Automation”. But, hey, we’re Walmart guys, right? More expensive doesn’t mean better – so we chose

Posted by Matt Chiste
June 22
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