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Installing in-wall speakers

We’ve already covered installing ceiling speakers in these pages, so I won’t go into great detail on the process of physically installing in-wall speakers – it’s a virtually identical process to installing them in the ceiling. However, if you’re installing

Posted by Matt Chiste
February 11

Installing a wall safe is easy

We’ve covered quite a few security topics on these pages, both digital and physical. Today’s post falls firmly in the latter camp: it’s easy and inexpensive to install a biometric wall safe. Basically, you simply use a jab saw to

Posted by Matt Chiste
October 8

Get rid of unneeded wall plugs with some drywall patches

When I relocated my media center for a cleaner look and one less piece of furniture in my family room, I was left with a plethora (it’s a word – look it up!) of outlets and wall plates under my

Posted by Matt Chiste
September 9

Installing ceiling speakers is easy

Installing speakers in your ceiling isn’t as hard as you may think – especially if you’re installing them in a middle floor with space between levels and no insulation. 1. Select a location for your speakers There really is a

Posted by Matt Chiste
April 6

Cutting drywall safely

Cutting Drywall isn’t all that difficult, and we’ve talked about it in the past few posts. Because you never know what’s behind a wall (even with a good stud-finder that can detect metal and A/C current), you should always cut

Posted by Matt Chiste
January 19

Leverage the space between floors for wiring

I’ve written about wiring ethernet between floors before, but during my latest round of home improvements I came across something I hadn’t really thought much about before: there’s usually a ton of space between floors in a house. This space

Posted by Matt Chiste
January 12

Wall-Mounted Home Control Center

I kicked off my latest series of posts with a rather benign one about the genius of paper tabs on outlet covers, but am excited to start sharing the details of my latest round of home improvements. (Some who have

Posted by Matt Chiste
December 5
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