Installing a wall safe is easy

We’ve covered quite a few security topics on these pages, both digital and physical. Today’s post falls firmly in the latter camp: it’s easy and inexpensive to install a biometric wall safe.

Basically, you simply use a jab saw to cut out a hole in the drywall of the right side, clearing out the insulation if it’s an outside wall:

The safe is mounted with four bolts on the inside to the studs (so that the safe can’t be removed when it’s locked):

And when it’s all done and programmed with your fingerprints, you’ve got a nice clean wall safe that can be hidden almost anywhere (although, with this particular safe, the fingerprint scanner sticks out pretty far, so it wouldn’t fit behind a painting, for example).

I assume this is true of most safes with electric locking mechanisms, but before I ordered it the thought crossed my mind: what happens if the batteries die and the fingerprint reader stops working? The answer is that the safe comes with a battery pack that you put a few AA batteries in, and plug it in under the fingerprint reader. This allows you to provide external power long enough to replace the batteries on the inside.

Posted by Matt Chiste
October 8
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