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Communicating from the ISY-994i to Blue Iris

A few months back I wrote about the Blue Iris Mobile App, and how you could configure it with a geofence similar to MobiLinc that allows Blue Iris to record video and notify you of motion detection when you’re not

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 19

ISY-994i QuickStart: basic programming (actions)

On the heels of the post about ISY-994i programming conditionals, let’s take a look at possible actions you can take in “Then” and “Else” clauses of your programs. You can see the list after clicking the “Action” button under “Add

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 11

ISY-994i QuickStart: basic programming (conditionals)

Continuing our QuickStart mini-series, let’s cover the basics of ISY-994i programming. I’ve covered lots of programs over the years, but apparently, as a reader pointed out, I never covered the very basics of the structure. Programs follow a pretty basic

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 9

ISY-994i QuickStart: scenes and link tables

I’ve written extensively about Insteon Scenes, and discussed some things to consider when diagnosing problems with scenes, but I thought for the sake of completeness in the ISY-994i QuickStart mini-series, scenes should be included. So here’s a question from reader

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 7

ISY-994i QuickStart: folders and naming conventions

Today’s ISY-994i QuickStart post addresses the question: “Once I’ve added devices, how should I organize them?” There’s no “right” way to organize your folders and devices, but here are a few tips that I’ve applied over the years to keep

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 5

ISY-994i QuickStart: Adding devices to the ISY-994i

Continuing our QuickStart series of posts about the fundamentals of basic ISY configuration, today we’ll cover two ways to add a device to the ISY-994i. Without getting too technical, when we add a device to the ISY, in addition to

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 3

ISY-994i QuickStart: Accessing the java application

It’s been a while since I’ve written here, and wow do I have a backlog of posts I want to get written! Let’s get started with a “QuickStart” mini-series to help out those of you just getting started with the

Posted by Matt Chiste
November 1
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