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Cutting drywall safely

Cutting Drywall isn’t all that difficult, and we’ve talked about it in the past few posts. Because you never know what’s behind a wall (even with a good stud-finder that can detect metal and A/C current), you should always cut

Posted by Matt Chiste
January 19

Blink house lights when your smoke alarm goes off

Smoke detectors are a great investment in protecting your home; the First Alert devices with ONELINK allow all detectors in your house to connect to each other, so when the one in the basement goes off all the others are

Posted by Matt Chiste
March 4

Insteon-Integrated Smoke Detector

We’ve covered Insteon devices that allow you to control things in your home, such as lights and door locks, and we’ve covered devices that allow you to sense things in your home such as motion sensors and doorbell buttons. Today’s

Posted by Matt Chiste
September 7
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