Insteon KeypadLinc

Let’s continue to expand on our list of Insteon devices with the 8-button Insteon KeypadLinc, of which there is also a 6-button model. You install these guys just like you would a regular Insteon Switch, and while there is just one button (the top-left) that actually controls the “load” of the attached lights, the other 7 buttons can be added as controllers and responders to scenes, so that when a scene is activated the LED in the switch goes on.

This is incredibly powerful: most homes have multiple light switches in various locations such as at the front door, but instead of using one switch for one set of lights, you can now use a single box for up to 8 different scenes (which may or may not be a combination of lights at the same time). Of course, with existing wiring it may not be worth it to you to replace a 3-Gang box with a 1-Gang, but in new construction this is something you can consider so you don’t need to take up as much space:

In the ISY-994i, each button shows up as a device that can be added as a controller or responder to various scenes. Generally when naming these devices, I use the naming convention of “.{device} | {location}”, so that i can see all of the device names listed alphabetically together, but also am able to see which actual switch that “device” belongs to. For example, the above KeypadLinc is in my Foyer, so you see various devices such as “.Chandelier | Foyer” and “.Dining | Foyer” (more on why I use the “.” prefix later):

Before buying a KeypadLinc, remember the tips covered in the Insteon Switch Options post; you have to consider things like color, dual-band, dimming, and high wattage – although not all combination of options are available for the Keypadlincs, you may be able to save some money by forgoing dimming capability, for example. They also feature removable buttons that you can customize with a 4-Color LED Color Change Kit or a set of 50 buttons containing different text you can install.

Posted by Matt Chiste
July 5
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