Insteon Motion Sensor

As we continue to add to our Insteon Network, let’s toss an Insteon Wireless Motion Sensor into the mix. This motion sensor operates on a 9v battery (which is helpfully included), is wireless, and can be unobtrusively mounted in a corner using the included mounting bracket:
Or, it can be mounted flush to the wall with some 2-sided tape (seen here with a
Foscam Camera):

It’s very well-documented on SmartHome’s Insteon Wireless Motion Sensor product page, but some key features include:

  • Wireless, adjustable sensitivity for both motion and light levels
  • Configurable to only detect motion when it’s dark (so that if it’s triggering lights they don’t turn on in the daytime)
  • Ability to control devices and scenes directly without a central controller
  • Decent battery life – 6 months to a year depending on the amount of motion and configuration

Once you’ve mounted it, it’s pretty easy to set up, keeping in mind that you’ll need a dual-band device such as this dual-band switch nearby so that it can communicate with the rest of your network. You add the device to your network, then add it as a controller for any of your scenes. It can also be a part of an ISY-994i program that will allow some advanced capabilities, which we’ll cover soon.

Posted by Matt Chiste
July 3
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