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Power Insteon wireless devices with a DC adapter

Tired of replacing batteries in your wireless Insteon devices like motion sensors or hidden door sensors? Power them from the wall with a 9v wall adapter. The process is similar to what we did making a USB connector, splicing the

Posted by Matt Chiste
April 19

Automatically lock your doors when you leave home with MorningLinc and Insteon

We’ve covered a myriad of things based on how you can make your Smart Home smarter based on your location information, but one we haven’t touched on yet is locking your door. We’ve already got a Morning Industry deadbolt, a

Posted by Matt Chiste
September 2

Insteon Door Lock Sensor

I wish Insteon would give us a tiny, wireless, DIY module (like Arduino) to allow us to build our own input/output devices for an Insteon network that are more compact and modular than the IOLinc. Until then, we’ve got to

Posted by Matt Chiste
February 14

Insteon Hidden Door Sensor

We’ve covered the Insteon TriggerLinc to detect when doors and windows are opened, but some people may find even the relatively small devices obtrusive on door and window frames. A relatively new device in the Insteon arsenal is the Insteon

Posted by Matt Chiste
January 31
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