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Replacing Insteon devices in the ISY994i

Occasionally Insteon devices go bad. It’s not an often occurrence, but when it does happen there’s more to the replacement than just swapping out physical gear: you also need to update the links table of associated devices and scenes, and

Posted by Matt Chiste
May 18

Control your holiday decorations with an Outdoor ApplianceLinc

It’s almost that time of year where those gaudy inflatable lawn ornaments will start showing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Hanukkah – hey, I don’t judge, more power to you! In the past you’ve likely used a manual

Posted by Matt Chiste
October 22

ApplianceLinc: Your First Step Towards Home Automation

Every journey begins with a first step. Now that we’ve set up the heart of our system, the ISY-994i, it’s time to start adding devices. Before we start replacing light switches or doing any complicated wiring, we can start with

Posted by Matt Chiste
June 10
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