IntelliHome is a web-based home automation application that provides a central console for a variety of Home Automation systems, including the ISY-994i, Amazon Echo, SiteSage, Moves, Blue Iris security camera software, and weather information. Bringing all these systems together into a single interface and database allows for some unique interaction between them. Interested in trying it out? See the Installation and Configuration instructions, and Drop me a line to let me know what you think!

Current features include:

Mobile Interface

Designed for the small screen using jQuery Mobile, the interface works well on small screens such as phones and tablets.

Slide Show

Also ideal for wall-mounted displays, a slide show feature breaks the monotony of just looking at home controls all the time.

Event Archive

All ISY-994i events and current device/scene statuses are saved and archived periodically to a database. This allows for historical trending of which devices are used most, or for example a record of motion events throughout the house. This logging serves as a much easier interface for diagnosing issues with your system than the ISY’s Event Viewer, and will make maintenance easier. For example, you will be able to track when a wireless device last sent an event – if an event hasn’t been received in a while, you know it’s time to change the battery!

Voice Control

Integrating with the Amazon Echo, voice commands can be issued to control various devices.

Weather data archiving

Using a built-in job scheduler and the APIs, current and predicted weather data is captured every hour, which will be used for future applications including intelligent sprinkler control and energy reviews (i.e., “how much can I save by lowering the thermostat 2 degrees when it’s 90 degrees outside?”).

Security camera image archiving

Integrating with Blue Iris, the app displays live security camera footage and captures stills from a camera when events happen (such as a doorbell ringing), which are archived for later review.

Power tracking

Using the scheduler and a specialized proxy server to record power usage, minute-by-minute power data from SiteSage (formerly eMonitor) is captured and recorded, which can be plotted over time based on circuit.

Home control and status display

Interfacing with the ISY-994i APIs, display a floorplan with visual data on all sorts of devices, such as doors, motion sensors, and lights. Controlling devices through the interface is also possible.

3 comments on “IntelliHome
  1. Charles Johnson says:

    Very cool!

  2. Jon says:

    How does this compare with OpenHAB? I know OpenHAB is more like the ISY in functionality but it has what looks like the same extensibility.

    I am looking at a companion to the ISY so if the PC goes down for any reason the main ISY system would not be impacted so hunting around for things like this. Drop me a line if you want me to test once I setup my new house. I’m green fields so have a bit of flexibility at the moment and heading down the ISY + Instaon path.

    • Matt Chiste says:


      I had planned on checking out OpenHAB for a while to get back to you, but never got around to it. It did seem like it was more of a “jack of all trades” kind of app, but if you ever tried it out feel free to share your findings with us here! I can be reached at if you’d like a more direct dialog.

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