Insteon TriggerLinc

Today’s feature is a simple addition to our home automation system – the Insteon TriggerLinc. This device is about as simple as they come: it’s a magnetic sensor that reports its open-closed status to your Insteon network via scenes or to the ISY-994i. It is the start of us building our home security system because the primary place you’d use these guys is in on your doors (regular or sliding) to monitor when they’re opened – but we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve with the TriggerLinc that I’ll share in coming posts.


Like the Insteon Motion Sensors, these are wireless devices that are added as controllers to scenes. They are battery operated (the single AA battery in some of mine has lasted 14 months and running, depending on how often the door is opened), need to have a dual-band device nearby to receive the signal, and are added to your network just like any other device.

Posted by Matt Chiste
July 30
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