Beware of sleazy ad networks on legit sites like

Sorry to step off script here, but I’ve just been disgusted with CNN ads lately and had to throw this out there. CNN is my go-to news channel; I mostly trust them and their largely unbiased content. But their ad content is revolting and clearly shows that CNN has little respect for journalistic integrity or their consumers when it comes to their ad networks.

This is a plea to CNN to clean up their act. Their clickbait scam ad system has been disgusting for a long time. Tonight I had enough so I thought I’d follow an ad to see the depths of the depravity going on here. For a network that claims to vet all stories and stands by their honesty of reporting, the hypocrisy of running these scumbag ads is hard to reconcile. How is the average consumer supposed to trust a news company that regularly runs illegal scumbag clickbait ads alongside their supposedly “pure” journalistic stories?

Here’s a scam ad I came across tonight on my iPhone on their home page:

No shit – the ad says “CBS confirms ‘Mike & Molly’ will come to an immediate end
after the truth behind Melissa’s controversial rumors
“. One sentence with all the hallmarks of clickbait scams:

  1. “CBS Confirms” – cite a legit news source to gain credibility
  2. “Mike & Molly” – cite a known show to capture attention
  3. “immediate end” – sense of URGENCY
  4. “the truth” – controversy of the truth being hidden from me!
  5. “controversial rumors” – others are wrong and talking about this issue!

I don’t know anything about Mike and Molly, but I clicked on the ad for this post – see how SHOCKING IT IS!?!?! MIKE AND MOLLY’S SHOW WAS CANCELLED BECAUSE SHE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!!! AND IT’S FROM TMZ SO I MUST BE FOR REAL!!!!

Seriously, go to this site but of course DO NO BUY ANYTHING. They’re a straight up scam and should be sued by CBS, Dr. Oz, Mike and Molly, holy sweet Jesus they should be sued by EVERYONE that site lies about!

Hell, even CNN should sue them for the use of their logo to fraudulently imply endorsement… but they are too busy collecting money from these assholes running ads on their site.

CNN: you’re better than this. Find a better ad network that isn’t based on scumbag scams. Google somehow pulls it off, why can’t you?

Posted by Matt Chiste
August 1
2 comments on “Beware of sleazy ad networks on legit sites like
  1. Woob says:

    Just keep calm and ad block like the rest of us.

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