Check out the CastleHub on Kickstarter

One of the things I enjoy most about this blog is getting to know you all, the readers of my humble little corner of cyberspace. One person in particular who I’ve been collaborating with is Zachary Trautenberg. Zach has a disability that makes home automation even more important to him, and he’s been working for some time now getting an Insteon system set up so that he can gain more freedom around his home. He writes a blog called Independent & Accessible Living, so you can learn more about his cause there.

One of the things Zach has brought to my attention was the new CastleHUB, even putting me in touch with Christopher Cicchitelli at CastleOS. Chris, too, is a great guy, and has a stated goal of trying to get a CastleHUB in the hands of persons with disabilities via a $999 pledge on the Kickstarter page.

In case you’re not familiar with CastleOS, here’s a video to bring you up to speed; in a future post I hope to do a fuller review of CastleOS:

Posted by Matt Chiste
April 11
One comment on “Check out the CastleHub on Kickstarter
  1. Thank you for the mention!

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