Last minute gift idea: Worx semi-automatic screwdriver

You’ll never look at the screwdriver in your junk drawer the same way. Some time back I saw this Popular Science article that proclaimed “The SD SemiAutomatic is an entirely new take on the cordless driver”, and thought I’d check it out from some of those home automation projects I’ve talked so much about.

Indeed, the WORX SD Semi-Automatic Screw Driver is an entirely new take on that screwdriver in your junk drawer; no more messing around with finding the right bits, because 6 of them are built right into the screwdriver itself via a removable cartridge. And I’d be lying if I said the solid cocking mechanism on the thing didn’t make me feel more bad-ass than it should (it is just a little screwdriver, after all). Throw in a little LED light on the front to see what you’re screwing in low light, and you’ve got one awesome gift that pretty much anyone will thank you for!

Posted by Matt Chiste
December 20
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