A better HDMI matrix for whole-house video distribution

A few months back, I wrote about my whole-house media distribution system based on an HDMI matrix in my basement. The problem I found with that matrix is that the HDMI output signal went through an additional conversion process to transmit the HDMI over ethernet cables, and I couldn’t get IR signals back and forth from the source.

I ended up upgrading to this Hdmi 4×8 Matrix/extender set, and have been very happy with it for the past few months.

The advantages of this system include:

  1. The output is sent natively from the matrix via ethernet cable, so I don’t need a converter to change from HDMI to ethernet for each TV down in the basement. (of course, a receiver to convert back to HDMI is required at each TV, and those are included)
  2. Each ethernet-to-HDMI receiver includes both inputs and outputs for IR, so infrared signals can be sent both ways (for example, to turn on a TV remotely).
  3. In addition to the ethernet output, there is also an HDMI port for each channel so an HDMI monitor can be used to view the output of each channel locally.

The biggest challenge I had with the device was that the IR signal would only be transmitted on the channel you’re currently set to, so for example I couldn’t send commands to Kodi when the TV is set to the TiVo channel. The solution was to simply add a separate IR transmitter (included) for each channel so that no matter what source you are set to, the proper device will be controlled.

Posted by Matt Chiste
February 19
2 comments on “A better HDMI matrix for whole-house video distribution
  1. Jon Graft says:

    Any idea if this can handle HDMI 2.0? I’d like to get a similar setup for my new home but I want to be prepared for 4K HDR and from what I understand that means nothing less than HDMI 2.0.

    Also, would you mind sharing how much this system cost? The Amazon listing you posted is currently unavailable.

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