Calling all (beta) testers: Integration between ISY994i and Nest

Nest has finally published their public API! I’ve started developing an integration between Nest and the ISY-994i via IntelliHome, and am looking for beta testers.

I’ve got data coming from the Nest API into IntelliHome using the Nest Developer Chrome Extension (which allows you to emulate a thermostat or smoke detector), but only have Insteon Thermostats and don’t (yet) have any physical Nest Devices.

So far, I’m pretty happy with the emulator, which seems to work well:

… and the data is coming in clean to the database (with the integration to ISY994i variables coming up soon):

If you’d like to check out Intellihome and help me develop this feature, drop me a line and I’ll get you the installation instructions to test this integration.


Posted by Matt Chiste
July 2
2 comments on “Calling all (beta) testers: Integration between ISY994i and Nest
  1. Robert Narciso says:

    Hello Matt, I’m so happy to hear that NEST is sharing I’ve been dealing with high heat bills because when the temp drops below freezing I have to keep my hear on regardless of my being home so I’d like to run a command the when the outside temp is < 25 degrees then run for 5 min every hour
    Is this possible?

    • Matt Chiste says:


      Yes, with the Nest API you’ve got full access to the settings (heat/cool thresholds, home/away status, etc). It’s interesting that the Nest doesn’t learn this itself – that the heat has to be running all the time to keep up with the bitter cold outside temps. While I don’t actually have a Nest I always thought that was their selling point – it would learn how long it takes to get to the desired temp, and try to anticipate when to turn the heat on to be at the right temp when you get home.

      With my Insteon thermostats, I basically do that: I not only use a metric on whether or not I’m home, but how FAR I am from home. i.e., if I’m just at the grocery store down the street, the behavior is very different than if I’m at the office for the day, or out of town for the week.

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