An aerial view of the Arlington Winter Wonderland

Home Automation is all about leveraging technology to make our lives easier, more secure, and more convenient. While we’re not quite ready to get our deliveries from the air, the laws are still being established, and there are occasional mishaps, drones may fit into the future of home security and automation.

The Parrot AR.Drone is a solid introduction into the field of flight, and thanks to the DC Area Drone Group, I’ve had the privilege to build a more advanced model (you can learn more about the group from this CNN feature).

But enough of that for now; we’ll cover how this all ties into home automation and security at another time, but we had a snowstorm tonight and I took some video of the winter wonderland. Enjoy!


Video shot with GoPro HERO3 and Tarot Gopro Gimbal

Posted by Matt Chiste
January 3
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