Duct Tape? That’s nawt a tape. THIS is a tape…

I know you can make pretty much anything out of duct tape, and from its wiki page, just now learned that apparently it’s not actually good for taping ducts. When I moved into my house, I bought several rolls of the stuff, but now several years later I’m surprised how rarely I’ve actually used it for practical home automation and improvement projects.

Instead, I have found that the two-sided Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is great for indoor use such as hanging pictures or motion sensors and a similar version is great for heavy-duty or outdoor use, such as hanging address numbers or mounting heavier hardware. I’ve used this tape on many upcoming projects that we’ll be talking about, and strongly recommend having a roll of each handy for your own projects.


Finally, in case you don’t understand the title of this post, let me offer a reminder – I know, it’s a stretch…

Posted by Matt Chiste
June 28
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