Monthly Archives: August 2013

Add your doorbell to your Insteon network

Now that we’ve taken a look around the I/O Linc, let’s see how these guys can be used in practice. Today’s exercise will focus on getting your doorbell integrated into your Insteon home automation system. Why, you ask? Because once

Posted by Matt Chiste
August 8

Insteon IOLinc

The Insteon product line is incredibly comprehensive, but at times you’ll want to extend your home control network beyond the stock devices. For these instances you’ll find that one option is the INSTEON I/O Linc, which provides one input an

Posted by Matt Chiste
August 5

CyberPower UPS

Whether you’re a computer consultant like myself or fall into the category of DIY Home Automation Person, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a great piece of hardware to have in your arsenal, even if you don’t suffer from frequent

Posted by Matt Chiste
August 2
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