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Welcome! ┬áThis blog will be dedicated to all things related to Home Automation – and more than a few that are not completely related as well, including DIY home improvement projects.

The content you will find in this blog is all based on personal experience with various technologies that I have employed and used over the years in my own home. In particular, it will have a strong bias towards Insteon, iDevices, and DIY┬átips and tricks – simply because that’s the technology I’ve implemented myself.

I’m a tech consultant and software developer by day, and am not a licensed electrician or carpenter. Some of these projects can be dangerous, but certainly aren’t outside the realm of “doing it yourself”. That said, proceed at your own risk with some of these things – or hire an experienced contractor to take care of it for you.

This isn’t going to be a bunch of unbiased news articles about high-level trends, but more personal experiences that hopefully you’ll find to be educational, entertaining, and sometimes snarky.

Finally, I have set up an Amazon Associate Account, which I’ll use to link to products I review. You can support this site by using these links to purchase any products you find interesting or useful.


Posted by Matt Chiste
May 30
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