A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is an organization created by the real estate developer during the process of property development. During the property development stage, The Homeowners Association is responsible for directing structural standards, design elements and other intricacies in an effort to maintain uniformity in the development. Upon completion, it is the role of The Homeowners Association to maintain the quality of the development while preserving its value. The HOA charges a Homeowners fee monthly or annually. The Homeowners Fee is beneficial to the home owner as they allow for a well kept community which helps to maintain or increase the value of their home. Fees usually cover shared property (tennis court, pool, park, clubhouse) and shared services such as gardening, lawn care and snow or debris removal.

Sometimes, after the homeowner has occupied their residence, they refuse to pay Homeowners Fees. This means the association loses money, or could force other homeowners to pay higher fees in an effort to pick up the slack. Community upkeep and maintenance of amenities are at risk because of shortage of funds.

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