Last minute Christmas gift idea : drones!

Last year I dropped a last-minute gift idea after posting a more comprehensive list for the Home Automation Guru in your life.

It’s no secret that I love me some drones, so this year, I’ve got a couple suggestions for you in all price ranges:

  1. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is likely outside of the price range of the casual gift-giver, but maybe you’d like to treat yourself this year. I’ve got one of these, and while there are more glitches than I’m happy with (having dealt with “flyways” and no longer being able to use first-person video (FPV)) I’m pretty happy with the flight characteristics, range, and video quality.
  2. Next on the list is the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, a great indoor (and semi-outdoor) drone that is a pretty slick toy for (mostly) indoor flight. I’ve had a lot of fun with my original A.R. Drone but haven’t yet seen the 2.0 model. I’d put it in the “advanced toy” category and wouldn’t expect it to be able to capture any winter wonderlands, but it’s no doubt a good model to start off with indoors and out.
  3. Next in the list is the Parrot MiniDrone. From the same company that brought us the A.R. Drone, it’s a mini model that’s a fun wall-creeper. I saw these demo’ed last year at CES and they looked pretty slick.
  4. Finally, at the low end are these micro-drones. For 30 bucks it’s hard to go wrong here; their Amazon rating is 4 star and let’s just say that after Christmas some of my family members might be able to help me do a first-person review early next year.

Oh, and don’t forget about using Amazon Prime for free shipping if you’re going to pull the trigger on one of these guys.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Matt Chiste
December 22
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