Insteon can lights make for easy scenes not previously possible

A relatively new device added to the Insteon stable is the LED Bulb for Recessed Lights:

They’re great additions in larger rooms with multiple lights where you would like individual lights to turn on for different reasons – something not possible with a simple switch controlling all lights on the same circuit. For example, my basement has nine recessed can fixtures in a relatively big space, and I had different lighting needs for various events and activities. These guys make that possible:

The key to setting these guys up is to change your physical wiring a bit. While you could leave everything the way it is, your light switch will cut power to the individual bulbs when it’s turned off, causing a noticeable delay when it’s turned on. Instead, you should find the switch that carries the load to the lights, and remove the “load” wire (cut or cap it). Then connect the “line” wire coming into the switch to the “load” wire going to the lights. That way, power is always on to the lights. But, how, then, do you actually turn on the lights? In a nutshell: Insteon scenes; more on this in our next post.

Posted by Matt Chiste
September 18
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