Ideaspace from a drones-eye view

I’m starting to hit the limit of what I can build into my Insteon home automation system with off-the-shelf parts, and have started some more aggressive builds with the 3D printer and Spark Core – but even then there’s a limit to what I can fabricate at home. That’s why I’m so excited to get a sneak peek at the newest tech shop (although don’t tell them I called it that!) being built out: Ideaspace DC. The concept is better summed up on on their site as: “Not a co-working space. Not a maker lab. Not a classroom. ideaspace brings the best of these (and more) together under the same roof.” Or more succinctly: “16,000 square feet of pure awesome“. It will have equipment available for building out future home automation projects and pretty much anything else you can imagine, with tools generally not accessible to individuals – to enable anything from metal/plastic/woodworking to circuit board fabrication.

I recently got a sneak peek at the space and took the drone up for a spin – check it out; it’s definitely not hard to imagine how this place will indeed soon become “pure awesome”:

Interested in the concept but not in the DC area, or not sure where to get started? Check out this LifeHacker post for a comprehensive run-down.

Posted by Matt Chiste
May 10
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